The curriculum and academic programs of SAI are designed to promote growth and development in accordance with the following core values of :

▪Holy Scriptures:

⁃To establish students in the knowledge of God’s inspired word and to teach competency in interpretation, proclamation, and application in the contemporary world.

⁃The ministry of the church to the world is dependent upon effective teaching and embodying the truth of God’s word.

▪Academic Excellence:

⁃We emphasis academic excellence and spirit transformation so that when you finish your program, you will have substantial character to support, for a life time, what you want to say and do.

▪Spiritual Formation:

⁃To promote the process of spiritual formation for students, so that their relationship with the living Christ permeates their character, attitude, and ministry.

⁃To help students to evaluate and grow in their relationship skills, commitment, accountability, and christ-likeness within their communities, friendships and their families.

⁃It is essential that we continually experience and extend grace in human relationships. Our relational calling to love God and others is foundational to our ministerial calling.

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